Kastytis Pavilonis

The first competitions took place in 1975. There were 19 sportsmen from Alytus, Birštonas and Druskininkai. In the course of time, the number of participants in the competitions was growing and they became popular not only in Lithuania, but as well good known in foreign countries. 46 countries, including Algeria, Kazakhstan, Panama, Israel, Tajikistan, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Honkong, France, Russia, South Africa, Guatemala, were represented in these competitions. The most numerous competitions were in 1988 – 386 competitors. And there were more sportsmen willing to participate, but there were no conditions for that. The Alytus’ festival was one of the first, where sport and culture were connected, and one of the first in Eastern Europe, where the winners received valuable money or material prizes. Some of the famous racers have started their sports career in the Alytus’ festival.

Alytus has seen Olympic, World, European, African or Asian champions and silver or bronze medallists, as well as world records men. They were E. Nikolajeva, V.Cibulskaja, E. Misiulia, O. Kardopolceva, S. Eidikytė, K. Saltanovic, A. Perlov, R. Veigel, P. Pochenchuk, A. Potašov, V. Kazlauskas, A. Fadejevs, J. Diniz, T. Gudkova, T. Nymark, E. Barrondo, E.Sanchez, A.Palmisano Women for the first time have participated in 1980. They were wearing skirts, what now may make one smile, but at that time it was normal.

Alytus may be proud not only of this festival, but also of its sportsmen. Champions, silver or bronze medallists of the USSR were R. Šimkevičius, A. Lebedžius, R. Erlingytė and D. Baranauskaitė. G. Andriuškevičius represented by  Alytus in the Olympic Games in Athens, brothers Škarnuliai  in Beijing, B. Virbalytė  in London and Rio Olimpics.

This year we will see representatives from 15 countries in the Alytus’ festival, where they will compete for valuable money or material prizes and will try to meet World Championship qualification standards.

There will be an entertaining opening of the Alytus’ festival with local music and dance performers. Then about 1000 children will race in 1 km distance.. After that the real competitions will begin.

Kastytis Pavilonis

Founder and organizer of the Alytus’ festival

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